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Get hooked on fitness! Mike the Fitness Junkie and his team are here to help you on your fitness journey no matter where you are.

Mike has worked with clients who have never worked out inside of a gym as well as seasoned athletes. Mike works with individuals of all ages and even those who may have suffered previous injuries. The Fitness Junkie is here to help you get into the best shape of your life. Let's get it!

Small Group Training Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Max. 5 people per class

What to Expect:

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Increased Energy, Stress Reduction, Improved Fitness- Strength, flexibility, and Endurance.


Small Group Training Tuesday & Thursday

Max. 5 people per class

What To Expect:

Accountability and Motivation

Monthly Fitness Profile

High Energy

Nutrition Coaching

Great Community

Constant Change

Touch Up Training 
(only Saturdays)

Save money and train once a week, only on Saturdays.

What to Expect:

Full Body Workout


Burn Calories

Constant Change


Athletic Training


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Getting ready for the TURN UP!

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