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  • Timed-Release
  • Extreme Energy
  • Extreme Metabolism
  • Extreme Focus
  • Dietary Supplement 
  • cGMP

Powered By:

  • TeaCrine
  • BioPerine®
  • Terra Intelligent Dosing

SST V2X Takes SST (Super Strength Technology™) to the extreme. A powerful surge of energy & focus paired with even more fat burning to support an unmatched shredded physique. With timed-release technology, SST V2X powers your body with all day energy along with mind+fat burning benefits.

SST V2X takes SST Original to the extreme. 2X the energy, focus and fat metabolism boosting benefits. Powered by Terra Intelligent Dosing Technology, SST V2X provides your body with immediate and long-lasting benefits. A potent blend of Ingredients are released over time so there's no crash, allowing you to stay charged up all day long while supporting a lean and shredded physique. 

We've created the SST level system, that helps show which product you should start with, then transition to. When you're ready for the hardest hitting SST product, check out #3, SST V3X.

Formulated for elite trainers & the fitness community, Performix® develops everyday high performing products for those that go beyond 9-5; the ones with a 24/7, "always on" lifestyle. 

SST features timed-release terra intelligent dosing technology. Our terra intelligent dosing beadlets allow for a multi-phase extended release of ingredients over time. You'll feel instant benefits to get started, which continues throughout the day as the beadlets slowly release more ingredients.

Advanced Multi-Phase Extended Release

1) Performix® terra bead multi-coating

2) Dispersion Coating: Intelligent rate control polymer designed for extended release ingredient profile

3) TERRA™ target ingredients

4) Hydrophilic Coat: Intelligent carrier control pore former within the dispersion coat provides delayed release functionality

SST Wasn't created for those with a 9-5. It's for those with a 24/7.


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