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Michael Lambert a.k.a ‘Mike the Fitness Junkie’ is a trainer, an engaging speaker, and author. Lambert does more than help people just lose weight, his special motivational training style transforms lives.

For close to 13 years, Lambert has empowered hundreds of people to elevate their physical and nutritional health through group, individual, and nutritional coaching. He believes that fitness is the key to a fulfilling and joyful life.

Lambert credits physical wellness with getting him out of the lowest periods in his life. A neck injury in college took Lambert’s dreams of playing in the NFL away. Lost, and unable to get a job, Lambert fell into a deep depression and gained weight. He credits physical wellness and fitness with getting him through the darkness and becoming what many people called a “fitness junkie.”


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Lambert says it’s a moniker given to him that showcases how much he loves physical activity, and wellness. Lambert opened his gym and started his training business in 2013 to share his love of exercise with others.

Lambert is a graduate of Norfolk State University, a community service leader, mentor whose exemplary philanthropy has been recognized through several awards. He is known in Hampton Roads for several community services events, and projects.

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