Meet the Fitness Junkie

I enjoy pushing clients to be their best by setting an example in my own personal fitness.  I practice what I preach while expecting my clients to follow.  I am here to educate, motivate, innovate, and appreciate.  I believe my life mission is to inspire others to change their lives through physical fitness.  Health and well being are at the foundation of everything we do.  I believe there are absolutely no limits but the ones that we place on ourselves.

The well-being of family and friends is extremely important to me, so this is why I am obsessed with sports and physical fitness.

Health is simply a series of good choices

Attaining good health does not just happen by chance. It happens choice by choice. Every moment of our lives we are faced with choices. Will you choose the path that leads to better health? 

I will show you the right way to fitness

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

If you really want to achieve your personal fitness goals, doing things the right way really matters. Just going to the gym, hopping on a random machine and doing what you think is right, may get you some results, but you need someone trained and educated to help you cross the finish line towards your ultimate goals. 


Do you know where you want to be a year from now? You can totally transform your body in just a few months. To do that, you need to set realistic goals. Sitting down with a professional trainer is the best way to set and reach goals. 


How many times have you said you’re going to do something and it never gets done? Lots of people do this when it comes to fitness and their bodies. Tomorrow they say. I’ll get to it when I have time. I’ll start on Monday. I don’t accept any of these excuses. Now is the time. 


In our fast-paced world, who has time to waste? Don’t go to the gym and waste time doing what you think is right, go there with a plan in mind and get maximum benefits for minimal time. 

Miles Run
Pull Ups
Work for that
Blazing Hot Body


Lose Weight, Get Healthy

You don’t have to be an athlete to have a personal trainer. Even if you’ve never worked out a day in your life, I can create a plan for your fitness level. 

Build More Muscle

Looking to get ripped? I’ll get you hooked on fitness and your results!

I can get you HOOKED on fitness
no matter your fitness level

For many years, Mike the Fitness Junkie has been personally leading individuals to their fitness goals. He has helped several clients lose significant amounts of weight, clients have no longer needed medications after becoming healthier, many have entered competitions, and several have even become hooked on fitness and started training their own clients. 

What are you waiting for? Fitness does not start on Monday or tomorrow, it starts today. You have a chance to change your life, to take your body to the next level, to feel even better about yourself and your body after you get on the right path. The Fitness Junkie is dedicated to getting you there and celebrating with you. It’s possible. The change you seek in your life is possible if you’re willing to take the first step. You don’t have to do it alone. 

Get ready for the next level

Athletic Training

Are you training for an event or sport? Let Mike the Fitness Junkie help you get to that next level so that you’re prepared to take on the competition. 


  • Mike was amazing. I had not worked out in years and I was not sure what to do. He took me from spending my days on the couch to running several miles per day. I have lost weight and gained hope. I am beyond happy.

    Jason Winslow
  • I’ve always wanted to run a marathon but I was not sure I could do it. I had only been walking. Not only was I able to run my marathon, I came in the top 10.

    Jennet Cole